Murrit: Examine next wall.

Goddamn cryptic runes. These pesky bastards left you scratching your noggin' for a good while. They're not even meant to be read the usual way around — you're supposed to go from RIGHT TO LEFT when dealing with these long forgotten PRE-RENAISSANCE TEXTS.

The top sigil is a special one. It doesn't really mean anything on its own, but every other GREEN SYMBOL scattered across the temple can be forged from its mold. You think of it like a general blueprint that can be customized to suit one's needs.

This set of specific green symbols translates to: EXIST, STATIC, CYCLE, ENTROPY and REBIRTH, in that order. You've managed to piece together that they represent the METEORS and their PURPOSE regarding the end of your planet — or something along those lines, anyway.

Make no mistake, you're plenty resourceful, but you're no adept historian or linguist. It could just be a SPOOKY PROPHECY. Or hold an effective measure of importance in this setup you've been working on. Who knows? Even your ingenuity has its limits.

The tiny square fonts are just some numbers.

In any case, what you DO know is that the majority of these marks were used in religious worship pertaining to the TWELVE ASPECTS THAT CONSTITUTE ALL LIFE AND EXISTENCE, with some sort of CHANNELING RITUAL centering around them.

Which gives us a nice little segue into...