NECRON: †† So, what. You think you're getting handed a win on a gilded nutrition plateau and then say you ain't hungry? ††
NECRON: ††† Sounds like coward talk to me. †††

EDOLON: hah. you hero types truly can't fathom thinking beyond stark blacks and whites, can you?
EDOLON: such a narrow perspective.
EDOLON: it's simple statistics.

EDOLON: we've visualized the possible outcomes of our raid and accounted for every contingency.
EDOLON: though i suppose i was just a smidge overconfident regarding the two corporate pawns...
EDOLON: alas, the window of opportunity for their deaths has closed with your timely arrival.
EDOLON: for the moment, of course.
NECRON: †† Wow. Ain't that a crying shame. ††
NECRON: ††† I'm sure the thousands of innocent civvies your lot have mindwiped and murked woulda found that pretty thought provoking. †††
NECRON: ††† Anyway– †††

EDOLON: you'll lose too, if you do anything but leave.
NECRON: ††† Oh, really! And how'sat s'posed to happen, hm? †††
EDOLON: you've read books before, i'm assuming?
NECRON: † Yeah, once or twice. †
EDOLON: well, we all have our very own stories to tell.
EDOLON: i've gone through mine countless times.