EDOLON: wouldn't it be just wonderful if you could decide what your perfect ending looked like?
EDOLON: most aren't given the opportunity to understand the necessary course to get there.
EDOLON: it's a journey we can't return from. the right choices are always obscured by circumstance, farce or folly.
NECRON: †† The fuck are you sayin'? ††
EDOLON: what i'm saying is that i'm one of the lucky few blessed with clarity.
EDOLON: i know the seeds that must be sown to reap my perfect ending, necron.
EDOLON: the ability to accurately predict what must happen and when, so i can obtain it.
EDOLON: i also happen to know how every last one of you could get yours.
EDOLON: and i'm telling you, with dead certainty, that none of you stand a chance of reaching it if you don't take my generous advice.
NECRON: †††† Jeepers fuckin' creepers! Do me a solid and talk like a normal troll for a sec, would ya? ††††
NECRON: ††† You're a whackjob, not a poet! †††
NECRON: ††† Swear to the All-Mother... †††

EDOLON: very well.