TALALD: peepaw????????????
TALALD: peepaw gai-gai is that you again????? :DDD
SERPAZ: no??? i literally JUST told you who it was!
TALALD: what are you doing in my head again you mysterious humdinger of mystery you??? just tell me the way and ill take a looksie!
SERPAZ: helloooo?? repiton to whoever the heck this is??
SERPAZ: i can spell it out if that makes it easier for you!
SERPAZ: s as in "serpaz!"
SERPAZ: e as in "everyone listen up its serpaz!"
SERPAZ: and so on and so forth
TALALD: hehehehe!!!!!
TALALD: you have soooo many different voices and such varied dulcet tones!!!!! i love your impressions!!!!!!!!
SERPAZ: im not your dang peepaw!!!!! at least "yes and" me!
TALALD: one time i actually thought you were my matesprit! because she was always saying the darndest things when we were together like
TALALD: "damn it talald! this is like trying to herd a grub who didnt go through osmosis!!!"
SERPAZ: you dont really listen do you (|:/
TALALD: and "stop telling me to meet up with you when youre with these terrible people who want to put me in the ground!" and "i dont know if i can keep looking out for you anymore!"
SERPAZ: like
SERPAZ: i could say anything and you would just keep going
TALALD: ooh! ooh!!! and my very favoritest!!!!!
TALALD: "what happened to the talald i used to know?"
TALALD: like durr!!! im right here!!!
TALALD: shes sooooo wacky
SERPAZ: thats great! super impressed!!! but none of that has anything to do with me sooooooo im gonna do the wackiest thing of them all and hang up on you
SERPAZ: buh bye!
TALALD: wait wait waity wait wait peepaw! i know which impression youre doing now!
TALALD: youre the guy who shot himself and his hovercraft into space and never came back!
SERPAZ: no!!! there is no impression!!!!!
SERPAZ: the only impression you should be getting is one that you clearly dont have the attention span for!
SERPAZ: not that im one to talk!!! but still
SERPAZ: is there a cavern inside your skull or is the echo always that loud in there???
TALALD: hold on!!! dont tell me!!! :OOOOO
SERPAZ: ............
TALALD: ......................
SERPAZ: ...yes?!
TALALD: i forgot!!!!!