Murrit: Open Surveillance Modus.

You bust out your SURVEILLANCE MODUS, displaying the set of captcha cards contained within. They're oriented in a way not unlike that of your TVs, back in your main block.

Whenever you captchalogue an item, its card acts as a screen through which you can view it in real time. The item in question is not moved into your inventory, staying exactly where you left it. When you wish to retrieve it, your modus instantly transports it from its monitored location to your position. If a card is empty, it simply displays STATIC.

You are able to freely retrieve and monitor whatever you like, but if the item is moved from its surveilled location, the signal is lost, rendering you unable to retrieve it unless you captchalogue it again.

Kind of a hassle, but you don't really mind it too much. You're only monitoring one item right now, anyway. The cons of dealing with your finicky modus far outweigh the pros of using it for anything other than specific special circumstances.