Murrit: Examine monitored item.

That's your only available backup computer: the DONCAMATICOMP.

You stole it many sweeps ago from some goon hiding away in a rinkadink submarine, after a particularly vicious game of DUNG. You would've given it back after you realized the error of your ways, but the postmortem status of this hypothetical reacquisition makes such an act of goodwill a bit moot. An unfortunate side effect of your old penchant for using DEADLY FORCE to solve problems.

Or, well. In this specific case, your PARTNER IN CRIME happened to be the lethal weapon of choice. But who's really worried about minutiae like that?

Currently, the thing is laying over a pile of various body pillows that represent your friends — a set of Turkin originals that you lovingly crafted with your own hands. They are stashed away in a SECRET HIDDEN BLOCK that would require a lot of effort and poise to reach without serious injury. That's probably where the mysterious pingster was coming from.