DREAM!SERPAZ: and every time you close your eyes
DREAM!SERPAZ: youll see m̷͔͘i̵̎͜n̵̙̈e̷͙̓ looking back
DREAM!SERPAZ: and isnt it funny? that in the end the only people who will understand are the exact ones who used you!
DREAM!SERPAZ: because theyre the only ones who know this icky gooey DISGUSTING rotting core at the center of you!!!
DREAM!SERPAZ: youll never want to sleep again! but youll be so exhausted that you cant help it!!!!!
DREAM!SERPAZ: and on and on goes the merry-go-round until the sickly patch is ḃ̵ͅṳ̴̎r̵̦̅ǹ̵̺i̶̙̓n̷̗͊g̷̣͌ ̵̲͊ạ̵͋g̸̰̽ō̶̲n̶͖͠ỳ̵̭ oozing through every pore
DREAM!SERPAZ: and you wont be able to grin and bear it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!
DREAM!SERPAZ: but youll keep doing it out of habit anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!
DREAM!SERPAZ: then! and ONLY THEN!!!!!!!!!!!