Serpaz: Follow Occeus.

SERPAZ: hey! wait up!!!!!!
SERPAZ: slow your roll!! you havent gotten buddy buddy with your old pal serp in FOREVER big guy!
SERPAZ: couldve at least said hi!
OCCEUS: Eye believe eye gave y.o.u a nice plastic c.o.ns.o.lati.o.n
OCCEUS: Was that n.o.t en.o.ugh?
SERPAZ: i dont think weird gifts mean much when you hardly ever get to see the gift-giver himself!!
SERPAZ: cmon! talk to me!!! whens the last time we had a proper serpaz and occeus adventure huh???
SERPAZ: NEVER is when!!!!
OCCEUS: Y.o.ure right h.o.w f.oo.lish .o.f me
OCCEUS: Lets try this again
OCCEUS: Hell.o.
SERPAZ: hiiii!!!!! (|8D
OCCEUS: G.oo.dbye
SERPAZ: woah woah woahhhh there!
SERPAZ: that wasnt an adventure at all!
OCCEUS: Being caught in the blast radius .o.f y.o.ur
OCCEUS: .o.verabundant cheerfulness
OCCEUS: Is an adventure all .o.n its .o.wn trust me
OCCEUS: In fact that exchange just n.o.w was nearly t.oo. much f.o.r me
SERPAZ: soooo you came all this way to unshackle debag and save me from a premature head rolling with your fancy new gear
SERPAZ: and then just run off???
SERPAZ: that doesnt make a lick of sense!
OCCEUS: It was a fav.o.r .o.n metatr.o.ns behalf
OCCEUS: There are plenty .o.f .o.ther places f.o.r me t.o. g.o. and .o.ther pe.o.ple t.o. see
SERPAZ: with your special eyes?
SERPAZ: sorry i guess! theres nothing wrong with a bit of quirky eyewear!!!!!!
SERPAZ: dont take it so personal jeez
OCCEUS: Nevermind
OCCEUS: And s.o.rry as well f.o.r raising my
SERPAZ: honest to gods it was just an innocent observation! theres not a lot to go off when it comes to your reclusive anti-social self
SERPAZ: just that and a few funny screenies that laivan sent my way
SERPAZ: youre pretty hilarious sometimes did you know that—
OCCEUS: Eye really d.o. n.o.t mean t.o. be rude but
OCCEUS: Y.o.ull give me even .o.f a headache than eye already have if y.o.u g.o. .o.n like this
OCCEUS: Just let me d.o. my ass.o.ciated puzzle and eye will be .o.n my way
OCCEUS: When eye am finished here eye am sure y.o.ull have much t.o. d.o.
OCCEUS: t.o. learn quests t.o. c.o.mplete and such
SERPAZ: wait why cant i come with??? its my dang planet!!!!!!!
SERPAZ: shouldnt its player have the right of first refusal when they dont like how their game is being played??
OCCEUS: There will be eleven chances and then f.o.r y.o.u t.o. act .o.n that
OCCEUS: Fact .o.f the matter is that we just d.o.nt have much t.o. entertain each .o.ther with
SERPAZ: i beg to differ