SERPAZ: lets make a game out of it!
SERPAZ: ill ask you a question and then you ask me a question right afterward and we both go until one of us misses an answer!!
OCCEUS: All-m.o.ther
OCCEUS: Alright
SERPAZ: hmmmmmm...
SERPAZ: whats your favorite color?!
OCCEUS: Abyssal blue
OCCEUS: Its all eye hear when y.o.u speak
SERPAZ: ooooh very synesthesic
SERPAZ: mmkay now its your turn!
OCCEUS: Why are y.o.u still f.o.ll.o.wing me?
SERPAZ: cause these legs dont stop goin till they stop workin!!!
SERPAZ: and they do work trust me ive checked
SERPAZ: what do you like to do for fun?!?!
OCCEUS: Eye havent had fun in a c.o.uple .o.f sweeps s.o. eye d.o.nt kn.o.w
OCCEUS: Dissecti.o.n pr.o.bably
SERPAZ: yucky!!
SERPAZ: mmkay! your turn!!!
SERPAZ: uh occeus?
SERPAZ: turn time?????
OCCEUS: N.o. eye just went
OCCEUS: But eye said it s.o. quietly that y.o.u w.o.uldnt be able t.o. parse it
OCCEUS: Resulting in my instant vict.o.ry
OCCEUS: Thus the game is finished
SERPAZ: fuck thats good! i shouldve thought of that
OCCEUS: Are y.o.u c.o.nversati.o.nally stimulated en.o.ugh?
SERPAZ: not quite!!!
SERPAZ: yknow me and you have a few things in common!
OCCEUS: Name .o.ne
SERPAZ: well!
SERPAZ: we shared the same soulmate for a while didnt we?!?!?!
SERPAZ: what even went on there?!?!?!?! what was up with that?!?!?!
OCCEUS: Disapp.o.intment m.o.stly
SERPAZ: WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SERPAZ: i CANNOT argue!!!!!!
SERPAZ: oh you were pretty newsworthy a few wices back werent ya??? due to being embroiled in a regulator case or some such
SERPAZ: thats NUTS!!! what was all that about mister ficklestein?????
OCCEUS: It was a misunderstanding
OCCEUS: Eye am p.o.sitive y.o.u are well aware .o.f the c.o.ncept and its c.o.nsequences
SERPAZ: (|:(
SERPAZ: alright you got me
SERPAZ: there isnt a whole lot going on between us
SERPAZ: BUT!!!!!!!
SERPAZ: i just......
SERPAZ: i really really want to see how my puzzles work so i can get to know more weird galloping freaks!!! preferably ones that arent trying to kill me!!!!!!
SERPAZ: cant you give me that? please???
OCCEUS: Y.o.ure desperate arent y.o.u
SERPAZ: very!!!!!!