Occeus: Give her a pittance of actual advice.

OCCEUS: The decisi.o.n sh.o.uld be a n.o.nissue if y.o.u c.o.nsider the implicati.o.ns
OCCEUS: There is .o.ne way that appears simple but requests m.o.re as y.o.u g.o. further
OCCEUS: It s.o.unds t.o. me like m.o.re .o.f a distracti.o.n
OCCEUS: And .o.ne way that appears difficult but .o.nce w.o.rked thr.o.ugh will bring clarity and gr.o.wth
OCCEUS: In .o.ther w.o.rds
OCCEUS: A reward that leads y.o.u t.o. great risk
OCCEUS: .O.r risk that leads y.o.u t.o. greater rewards
OCCEUS: Its all a matter .o.f what y.o.ur perspective is
OCCEUS: My .o.pini.o.n is that y.o.u must put in eff.o.rt and face difficulties in this game
OCCEUS: That seems t.o. be what it expects .o.f us
OCCEUS: And whats g.oo.d in the sh.o.rt term is .o.ften detrimental in the l.o.ng run