AH: XDXD I don't know what to say to this. XDXD
AH: XDXD What is there to say about this. XDXD
PO: ~+ha+ i+'s a problem.~
PO: ~and now you are going +o LIS+EN +o me.~
AH: XDXD No, what I want to do is say that the route this cosmic joke has taken is off the goddamn deep end. XDXD
AH: XDXD There's coming full circle, and then there's having the circle start to encapsulate its own identity through a stagnant but divisive line. XDXD
AH: XDXD And do you know what that new line creates? XDXD
AH: XDXD Another circle! XDXD
AH: XDXD They just stack on top of one another until they reach the world's end. XDXD
AH: XDXD And what do you know, it seems we've reached the tipping point of it all. XDXD
PO: ~Okay, you really need +o jus+ shu+ +he fuck up now.~
PO: ~be+ween +he garbage I've heard +onigh+, dealing wi+h you and dealing wi+h my own shi+, I've had ENOUGH.~
PO: ~I don'+ +hink we really have +he +ime +o squirm around and complain abou+ +he exis+en+ial CONCEP+S behind +he si+ua+ion.~
AH: XDXD Says you. XDXD