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This is an introduction to your game, how it works, and what you will need to do in order to survive it.

If you and your party have not yet named your instance of the game, it is suggested that you do so as soon as possible, as it is convenient for communication measures.

The game is built around giving its players free will in terms of how they decide to play it. Without your unique input and decision making, the end goal of it would be rendered moot — though there are still some standard systems in place to ensure a smooth start to your journey.

If you are a SERVER player, your job is to help your client player progress into a separate area known as THE MEDIUM while diverting them from DANGER. If you are a CLIENT, please be sure to return to this screen once it is time for you to exercise server duties. This will be signaled to you by your screen changing from its state of stasis to a view of your client.

If you are reading this, then you are already connected to the game's UI and have successfully set up a server/client connection. By the time this game has finished installing, a series of meteors will be heading towards your planet, based on the number of players in your session. This part of the game is a tutorial, designed to showcase all you need to know about basic mechanics and the start of the game proper.




The top left area of the screen shows your client's CURRENT INFORMATION. All player icons and associated colors are pulled from each individual's chat client of choice.

Presented to you in this section is your client's PLAYER PROFILE and current IN-GAME LEVEL. Selecting it will display critical, up to date information regarding the player. Underneath, there are three small bars which show in order: Your client's experience (gold), event timer (blue) and current goal progress (white). Each of these bars can be hovered over in order to display more exact details. The large green bar at the bottom of this section represents your client's HEALTH POINTS. If completely depleted, it means that the player has PERISHED.

At this stage, keeping an eye on the event timer is imperative. If it runs out during the entry process, the client will DIE on meteor impact. You must make sure this does not happen, or else your game will not play as intended, potentially resulting in unforeseen negative consequences for your planet and any who do make it into THE MEDIUM.




As the server, your icon and health vial work in the exact same manner as the client's, being located on the upper right corner of the screen. The server player also has access to a variety of CAMERA NAVIGATION TOOLS, including DIRECTIONAL navigation, CAMERA ROTATION, ZOOM, and a CLIENT LOCATOR. The locator, if pressed, will automatically center the camera on your client, ensuring you are always able to find them when necessary.


On the far left end of the screen, there is a thin black arrow. Clicking on it will open a sidebar that displays THE REST OF YOUR PARTY'S HEALTH AND PLAYER PROFILES, with the exception of the CLIENT and SERVER pair already shown above.

You will not be able to access their player profiles until they have established a server/client connection of their own.




At the bottom of the UI, you will find a list of buttons and displays with varying functions. They are as follows:

======> Menu
======> Help/Tutorial (YOU ARE HERE)
======> Trading Center
======> Profile
======> Chat Client
======> Experience Bar/Level
======> Crafting
======> Inventory

Some of these functions will only become available after further progress is made into the game, and this tutorial window will provide you with additional information as they are unlocked. Your personal profile contains the same information as your client's, only in relation to your person.

You and your fellow players will start accumulating experience once The Medium is entered. You may level up by completing objectives and quests, defeating enemies, gathering currency, engaging in various acts of heroism and unlocking ACHIEVEMENTS.

All players begin at Level 1, although each player's leveling up process will be unique, reflecting their individual journeys through the game. The MAX LEVEL CAP can only be reached through a SPECIFIC METHOD that involves an intricate chain of processes, which will be revealed to you at a later time.

Your crafting and inventory windows are to be used periodically. Any items you and your client personally acquire or craft can be viewed and accessed from your inventory, along with any currency you may earn. The crafting window will allow you to create new items using various materials in order to enhance your experience and chances of survival. Your first task in this game will involve these two windows, as you must use the crafting window to create the items needed for your client to escape their impending demise.

Once you have entered The Medium, you may click and rearrange the icons on the left side of your toolbar to your liking. Depending on how you play, new features may be added to the game in addition to the default options.

The chosen communication client for your party is SKORPE. There is no way to change this option once it is set. Please, do not attempt to switch your communication hub, as it may lead you to lose contact with other players.




This concludes the explanation of the game's main UI and the general tutorial on how to get your client to enter The Medium.

Please, proceed with haste and caution, cause minimal structural damage, and endeavor to cooperate and stay alive for the duration of this session.

Good Luck.

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