Taz and Arcjec: Close tutorial.

AH: XDXD Well, ooh la dee da. XDXD
AH: XDXD A fucking tutorial. How very sanctimonious of our new gamer deity to bestow upon us. XDXD
AH: XDXD Maybe I should go back to my sour puddle and engage in a spontaneous bout of groveling, as this prattling game dev from the hell dimension OBVIOUSLY knows way more on the complex topic of pushing some buttons than I could ever hope to. XDXD
PO: ~Shu+ up.~
PO: ~I go+ a new +hing.~
PO: ~did you ge+ a new +hing?~
AH: XDXD I was hoping we wouldn't talk about it, though. XDXD
PO: ~did you know +ha+ when you're +yping messages, you say +hem ou+ loud as you wri+e +hem.~
PO: ~jus+ wan+ed +o le+ you know. i can hear i+.~
PO: ~and +he +one of your voice +ells me you're no+ being even REMO+ELY serious abou+ +his. ~
PO: ~My guess is +ha+ you're +rying +o delay +he inevi+able wi+h your pedan+ic screeching because you're afraid of +he consequences.~
PO: ~bu+ i'm no+ your grubsi++er, and your emo+ions are no+ my responsibili+y.~
PO: ~i don'+ deal in feelings.~
PO: ~click i+.~
PO: ~no.~
PO: ~No, s+op arguing I know wha+ you're going +o say in +he cha+.~
PO: ~s+op.~