Taz and Arcjec: Click new application.

PO: ~I don'+ like i+.~
AH: XDXD Now you shut up. XDXD
AH: XDXD I think I know what this new thing is. XDXD

PO: ~Oh you do, do you?~
PO: ~+ell me +hen.~

AH: XDXD I don’t care if you don’t believe me on this. XDXD
AH: XDXD But I’m going to derive some major satisfaction points out of dispensing this because we don’t have any leads otherwise. XDXD
AH: XDXD So prepare for some very high quality non-fiction that even I don't want to believe. XDXD
AH: XDXD Every single time I have turned in for the day since I was mass produced in the reduplicator I've been having these off and on reoccurring dreams. XDXD
AH: XDXD I'm not going to go into specifics, but every time I end up waking up somewhere other than where I started. XDXD
AH: XDXD Usually covered in slime or something similar. XDXD
AH: XDXD And with a note I somehow made on a piece of graphite anhydrate. XDXD
AH: XDXD When I wake up I normally just ball it up and toss it, I didn't think these meant anything further than weird visions that had no standing in the long run. XDXD
AH: XDXD I think about a lot of things I don't want to, it's nothing new for me but I guess now I know the reason my custodian revels in watching me while I sleep all the time. XDXD
AH: XDXD There is no way I don't look like a jackass snoring and dawdling around coating my block in sleep mucus. XDXD
AH: XDXD Things making sense that shouldn't make sense, things that don't make sense also making sense. XDXD
AH: XDXD Is there anything I can rightfully trust logic-wise at this point without getting tricked into falling in a pit of deeper meanings and hidden values? XDXD

PO: ~well~
PO: ~are we all wai+ing on your wriggling day +o ge+ any more +urgid wi+h false prophecies or do you wan+ +o show me +ha+ you’re wor+h more +han +he crus+ in +he spaces benea+he my sneakers~
PO: ~GE+ +HEM~