Arcjec: Get interrupted from hiding.

Oh, so close.

Phase one was complete, screaming and running around anxiously. The only logical start to any brilliant plan.

Phase two, the final phase, WAS going to be hiding for several hours and pretending as if you were already dead. This is an act you CAN actually put on, but at this point it's not needed. You're feeling dead enough as is without giving into the whims of zany spur-of-the-moment ideas.

Plus it appears that one of your pesky chat fodder buddies has been patiently lying in wait for a response you were elated to not have to give.

There isn't anything stopping you from keeping silent, but as we've seen, things only get worse when nothing is happening.

Given that your untimely demise is now suddenly imminent, you suppose it wouldn't hurt to have someone attempt to remember you fondly, could it?

Even if it has to be THIS windbag.