[I1] ======>

The game is yet to properly start, and I've already had need of... invasive measures, so as to ensure certain standards are met. An unfortunate necessity, I'm afraid. Sometimes the working of complex systems requires a forceful hand. I must hope these precautions will prove sufficient.

But enough of all this doom and gloom. What do you say we learn a bit more about our delectable cast on a metaphysical level?

The participants of this game are souls bound to its confines, in and out of play. It is the reason they live, the reason they die, and the reason this cycle has repeated itself for so long. Deep inside these individuals, the ASPECTS OF EXISTENCE lie dormant: the purest, most fundamental pieces of reality; the fabric it is woven with. Shattered parts of a once collective whole, their intrinsic traits shape our players and the paths they are to walk in life, whether they realize it or not.

Taking only a single facet of a person into consideration paints an incomplete picture, however. These young trolls stand in CLASSES all of their own! They have interests, thoughts, feelings, personal turmoils to work past... A way they see and engage with the world around them that is entirely unique.

But no matter how much they may change, the pull of the aspect can still be felt underneath it all — a constant thrum, an insistent undercurrent beneath the skin, leaving marks down to the marrow.