[I1] Go further in.

Last but not least: the INCIPISPHERE, a self-contained pocket dimension where our game is to take place. This, I can declare full authorship over.

Unlike my creator, I cannot simply craft life. I can, however, make complex spaces and manipulate objects, shaping tangible and intangible non-living matter alike. These limited creations can be given a semblance of conscious thought, illusions of selfhood — nothing but mere simulacra, running on borrowed processing power: myself.

We already have prior knowledge of some of these creatures, gallivanting about on their moons, as they have done so in all previous sessions. It is a similar endeavor to the way our cast projects themselves onto these moons, with the goal of giving a sense of livelihood to the places. A completely deserted celestial object would be quite the bleak sight, no?

I've a feeling things will be quite different from the usual fare this time around, however. Particularly in relation to four of these non-player characters... In any case, we shall have to wait and see.

Our dear protagonist, who was just transported to an undisclosed location at the end of the last act, is on his way to the Incipisphere. He is the first to officially enter the game. Although from our perspective, we will not be seeing his arrival until much later, when it is deemed narratively appropriate. There are still important players to get better acquainted with, after all.