Examine caliginous quadrant.

When a pair delves into this quadrant, they become each other's KISMESES. It's quite the unique relationship, founded on an intense and driven romantic rivalry where both parties are expected to pressure each other into betterment, not only as trolls but also as partners. A "tough love" philosophy, if you will.

The vitriolic nature of this quadrant makes it a relationship that is usually not sought after with intent. It is said that when you meet your destined caliginous partner, the contemptuous feelings rise up within you in a sudden burst of spades-fueled passion, giving you no choice but to confront them. Kismeses fill each other with concern and outrage, as well as admiration — a volatile combination to allow into one's life, but at times, a necessary one.

Kismesissitudes tend to be a difficult burden to bear, but if circumstances align just right, they can lead you into being the best possible version of yourself.