And yet, no matter how thoughtful and selective one is in the search of a SOULMATE, relationships still are broken off on occasion. It is a sad fact of all romantic entanglements that even the ones you are sure will be yours forever could eventually come to an end. However, it is one of two massive societal TABOOS to do this POST PHYSICAL COUPLING, which brings us to another important aspect of these specific quadrants.  

When two trolls consummate their relationship, cementing themselves as either flushed or caliginous partners, they are CHEMICALLY BOUND in the process; to have and to hold one another, for as long as they may live. Once this commitment is taken, the couple must then be in frequent contact, lest they suffer physical and emotional consequences akin to that of a WITHDRAWAL.

Ordinarily, the scenario is easy to avoid — unless one of the involved parties is ABSENT FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME or PASSES AWAY. In the event that this should happen, these symptoms can be mitigated through TREATMENT and SPECIALIZED CARE. Regardless, it is an extremely tedious, long and painful process, with or without PALE SUPPORT to help you through it.

Even then, the attachment to lost partners WILL NOT FADE, no matter how much time has passed. To commit the second TABOO of RECOUPLING AFTER LOSS is not only unthinkable from a moral and physiological standpoint, but also useless when it comes to easing past aches.