And within a system so mired in absolutes, what of trolls who question the nature of their feelings and those of their proposed romantic partners?

Perhaps a falling out in a relationship might cause two potential soulmates to never be, despite their desires. A tragic thought. Misunderstandings, rash decisions, hurt left to fester... If genuine self-reflection is not on the table, an alienation of this magnitude might very well cause any sentiments between such trolls to stagnate, no matter how destined they may be.

Even more distressing would be a situation wherein an established pair's feelings change over time. Unthinkable! Is the very idea of a soulmate not something that warrants zero margin for error? No reconsideration or second thoughts? Surely, such a drastic change in a relationship would be frowned upon if it were to be brought up in polite conversation. And so, it almost never is; not to the world at large, and not to one's own partner.

Were a troll to experience this phenomena, it would likely lead them to question who they are and what they need in their life.

Most would rather forget about the matter entirely.