Examine pale quadrant.

When two trolls find themselves in this quadrant, they are said to be MOIRAILS. While the exact amount of physical passion displayed in any given moirallegiance can vary according to the couple's desires, one thing remains true across the board: moirallegiances do not delve in BONDING. The mere idea of it? Scandalous.

Moirails serve a very important social purpose, however. Repitonians are just as dysfunctional and unstable as the planet they inhabit, and such a troubled existence requires a support system. Someone to help you through your emotional grievances, to keep you from succumbing to self-made ruin. To be a moirail is to commit yourself to being another's balance; a safe harbor away from life's many storms. A listening ear to anguished outcries, and a source of grounded advice.

And also a host to occasional PITY PARTIES for your other half, whenever the need for it arises.

Additionally, the pale quadrant features a unique dynamic with what is, in my opinion, the most curious relationship of all...