Examine ashen quadrant.

This quadrant, unlike all previous ones, involves more than two individuals and is not predicated on romance in and of itself. It is also notable for being the only quadrant that's SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN ON A STRICTLY TEMPORARY BASIS.

When two trolls are locked into a romantic feud, a third one can intervene and become their AUSPISTICE. It is their duty, then, to mediate between the duo, playing the role of peacekeeper and distancing both parties from each other. This quadrant usually comes into play in the event of a pitch or flushed relationship ending on a HOSTILE NOTE. The ensuing fallout can have CATASTROPHIC RAMIFICATIONS if left unaddressed, both for the ex-partners in question and for any surrounding friendships that may or may not be involved.

It is customary for the MOIRAILS of the feuding trolls to assume the position of auspistice. If there are no moirails available to do so, non-associated parties may step in for a time, but to auspisticise is to commit yourself to extremely TAXING and HIGH-STRESS work that requires no short amount of dedication. Nonetheless, it's an INTEGRAL PART of the overarching romantic conventions of Repiton.

A strange relationship to be placed on the same level of importance as all the other de facto romantic entanglements, indeed. I suppose it only goes to show the level of importance repitonians ascribe to the affairs of the heart.