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-- perniciousOverkill [PO] began trolling animatedHumorist [AH] --

PO: ~Congra+ula+ions, you made i+ in+o +he game.~

-- animatedHumorist [AH] is just disappointed in you at this point. --

PO: ~YEAH, youre WELCOME.~
PO: ~I have a few choice cu+s of all +he SHI+ you spewed +ha+ I needed +o push back in your direc+ion.~
PO: ~Ha+e +o drag +his on, bu+ you don'+ ge+ +o walk ou+ on me like +ha+.~
PO: ~Firs+ off, don'+ you EVER use my full name again or I swear I'm going +o churn ou+ a brand spanking new me+hod of misery +o slug you +hrough if I happen upon your disjoin+ed flappy sack of a face in +he fu+ure.~
PO: ~Second, you really have +o work on your +iming.~
PO: ~+ha+ box fiasco shouldn'+ have +hrown you so much +ha+ you s+ar+ed +o fal+er.~
PO: ~gran+ed, nei+her of us could have expec+ed +HA+ +o happen, bu+.~
PO: ~No ma++er how shaken you were or how much you didn'+ wan+ +o go in, +here was no o+her choice.~
PO: ~I wasn'+ going +o le+ you FUMBLE wha+ we were working on a+ +he las+ second, so I did wha+ I had +o do.~
PO: ~like always.~
PO: ~af+er you made i+, i was immedia+ely pu+ in your posi+ion.~
PO: ~Go+ paired up wi+h fucking LAIVAN, jus+ like HE said i would.~
PO: ~half-baked smarmy ass holler+emp+er.~
PO: ~a+ +he very fucking LEAS+ you chuck back wha+ I sling your way.~
PO: ~i'll be damned if I ever ge+ even a single s+rong opinion ou+ of his doorma+ canine jaws.~
PO: ~hasn'+ changed one bi+ since +he spli+.~
PO: ~bu+ anyway, +ha+s where im a+.~
PO: ~I'll be going +hrough +he same shi+ as you, I'm sure.~
PO: ~maybe we really AREN'+ going +o end up +ha+ differen+, af+er all.~
PO: ~answer me when you ge+ +he chance so I know I didn'+ kill you.~