WA: Alright- Regular codes are in-
WA: Got the pillar things too-
PO: ~So, +ha+ firs+ se+ of symbols was +he easy par+.~
PO: ~Now we have +o deal wi+h +he obnoxious no+-so-easy par+ of figuring ou+ where +he o+her se+ is, since i+'s supposed +o be in a differen+ place each +ime.~
PO: ~I sure as hell don'+ have any magic dream papers jus+ laying around.~
PO: ~and I can'+ +hink of any+hing I've seen around here +ha+ even remo+ely resembles +hose symbols.~
PO: ~So fuck if I have any clue where +hese codes could be.~
WA: That's so sad-
WA: Well-
WA: While we're figuring that out- I might be a sec-
WA: Trying to wrap a thing up over here-
PO: ~You BE++ER no+ be playing +ha+ ridiculous game.~
PO: ~because if you are, I will NO+ hesi+a+e +o bus+ your s+upid double-device up in+o +iny smi+hereens and shove all of +hem down your puny +hroa+.~
WA: Uhhh- No-?
WA: I am definitely not doing that-
WA: And I am also definitely not doing it with Murrit-
WA: Especially after you told me to quit it- Multiple times-
PO: ~you are +he absolu+e WORS+ a+ +aking any+hing seriously a+ ALL.~
PO: ~i swear your a++en+ion span is on par wi+h +ha+ of +he sal+-soaked, lifeless replicas you s+i+ch +oge+her.~
PO: ~No, scra+ch +ha+. +hose s+uffed hides DEFINI+ELY have more going for +hem because a+ +he very leas+, +hey can si+ in +he same place for ex+ended periods of +ime wi+hou+ running off +o do SOME+HING ELSE every +WO SECONDS!~