WA: I guess you're right-
WA: But have you considered- that it's fun, though-
WA: And technically-
WA: He did have my attention first-
WA: Oh- did I tell you about our fake high five-
WA: That was cool-
PO: ~For +he las+ +ime, keep your focus HERE while our lives are a+ s+ake or my vengeful spiri+ will come down +o your rancid cave +o make sure wha+ever frac+ion of a life you have lef+ is no+hing bu+ a living +rial of +ormen+!~
PO: ~i've already had +o diver+ you from +ha+ unholy appara+us once.~
PO: ~+hank god someone here has +he abili+y +o CARE abou+ wha+ +heyre doing.~
PO: ~or else youd s+ill be s+uck in your gaudy chamber full of mus+y animal carcasses, no+ no+icing me un+il much +oo la+e.~
PO: ~OH, WAI+.~
WA: Gosh, okay- Fine-
WA: It's not that big of a deal-
WA: Just because you don't like to have fun- doesn't mean I can't-
PO: ~+his ISN'+ a game.~
WA: Well-
WA: Actually-
PO: ~SHU+ UP.~
WA: Shutting up-
WA: Anyway- There's gotta be some sort of clue around somewhere-
PO: ~+here BE++ER be, o+herwise we're going +o have an ac+ual fucking problem.~
WA: Isn't that like-
WA: Why you came out here- in the first place-
PO: ~no, we came ou+ here because my loyal cus+odian sucks shi+ s+raigh+ from a bellowing regal anus +ap and won'+ SHU+ UP EI+HER.~
PO: ~Ugh, she's making such a racke+.~
PO: ~hope you're enjoying +he rap+urous chi++ering because +his is my every nigh+.~
PO: ~I can'+ even +HINK wi+h all of +his panicked squabbling.~
PO: ~Hold on.~