Your name is ARCJEC VOORAT.

As was previously mentioned, it is your wriggling day. It's not really something you feel needs to be celebrated, and everyone knows that already. Nobody celebrates their wriggling day since it brings across too many shattered memories for anyone to bear most of the time. Despite that, you know there is always a remote possibility that SOMEONE could have the distasteful intention of bringing it up in conversation as if it IS a good thing. That's not very common at all, but you still never know.

Unlike most trolls your age, or even trolls of an earlier age, you DON'T HAVE A LARGE AMOUNT OF HOBBIES. Not every troll around can end up being some sort of prodigy. Not to mention, the few things you ARE interested in aren't exactly considered productive means of time usage. You could even say you're quite LAZY most of the time.

In the past you liked READING STORIES OF MASKED VIGILANTES and WATCHING COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF 2D FICTION. This used to lead to some SCRIBBLING, but you really AREN'T ALL THAT INTERESTED IN DOING THOSE THINGS ANYMORE FOR UNSPECIFIED REASONS. You also enjoy drinking MOUNTAIN DEW CODE RED quite frequently. In fact, you enjoy it so much that you might be able to label it as an ADDICTION. You don't take much part in talking to your eleven other friends. Even though they take part in talking to you constantly on the NEW CHAT SYSTEM, SKORPE.

Yeah, there really isn't that much more to say about you.

Your troll tag is animatedHumorist, and while your screen name and quirk are sort of... really awkward now, you've left it alone. XDXD It also manages to be hypocritical, considering the fact that you speak in a rather serious tone most of the time. XDXD

Right now, you don't have anything you really need to be doing. You should probably start to do SOMETHING though, you're getting tired of just standing in this spot and blankly staring at the other side of the room.

What will you do?