Calder: Fetch laptop.

You open up your ROLODEX MODUS. This is the standard issue model for people on the higher end of corporate business — no one at the top leaves their hive without it. You've had yours since you were young, being well-versed in all the pro strategies of quick inventory organizing.

The modus automatically ALPHABETIZES its items, using a system of precise descriptions. All you have to do is flip to the desired card and retrieve your possessions.

You need your SET OF CLUBS which you have stored in a BAG, so the modus recognizes it as a BAG OF CLUBS — and sure enough, there they are in the middle of the "B" set of cards. You also require your TABLE in order to use your LAPTOP.

Yes, the furniture is entirely necessary. What, are you expected to sit on the ground and dirty your impeccable clothing? You think not.

Deftly, you navigate to your PORTABLE LAPTOP TABLE under the "P" set of cards, taking your PREFERENTIAL GOLF BALL lying a single card away while you're at it.

And last, you need your LAPTOP. Filing all the way back up to "L", you make sure your device lands neatly on its assigned surface, just as planned.

God, you're good.