Calder: Answer Occeus.

-- macabreExude [ME] began trolling grandioseSaturation [GS] --

ME: What d.o. y.o.u kn.o.w ab.o.ut this damned game
ME: What d.o. y.o.u have t.o. d.o. with it
GS: That is awfully accusatory and quite a bit brusque.
GS: Don't forget your manners, Coliad. Especially if you are going to throw baseless accusations at me over a matter you clearly know nothing about.

You then proceed to have a biting exchange we've already witnessed.

And once again, we come full circle. You must pardon these winding paths — although I suppose I did say we would be jumping around, hm?

Regardless, we should be able to fast-forward a bit from this point.