Taz: Answer troll.

--unclaspedKahuna [UK] began trolling perniciousOverkill [PO]--

UK: >([ayyyye wuss poppin clown bounce]
UK: >([best getc#a self tig#tened up and ya jigglers packed t#e fuck in cuz s#it boi do i got t#e lig#t to ignite one #elluva fire inside your brain matter]
UK: >([ready to start goin off w#en you start gettin down]

PO: ~Do you really +hink +ha+ i+ is accep+able +o jus+ MESSAGE me whenever you wan+?~
PO: ~I +hink I very clearly had my program on i+s specific se++ings EXAC+LY so +ha+ you could no+ do +ha+.~
PO: ~And ye+ you s+ill do.~
PO: ~You're lucky I was ac+ually here +o even see +his~
PO: ~I happened +o be jus+ abou+ +o ge+ in+o some+hing more impor+an+ and wouldn'+ have been able +o ge+ back +o you for a while.~
PO: ~+hen wha+ would you have done wi+h yourself?~

UK: >([aig#t so u done now]
PO: ~Wha+.~
PO: ~No I'm no+ done.~
PO: ~Why don'+ you fucking wai+ when you can clearly see +ha+ I am no+ done.~
PO: ~You in+erup+ed me when I did no+ wan+ +o be and was no+ expec+ing +o be dis+urbed.~
PO: ~So you are going +o have +o deal wi+h +he consequences.~

UK: >([k so ur done now and im just gonna keep talking bc its my turn]
PO: ~god.~
PO: ~fucking.~
PO: ~alrigh+ I guess.~

UK: >([so i finally completed my lifes work #ere]
UK: >([sweeps n sweeps of decoding and uncrypticin and searc#ing for funny lookin rocks gave me some gotdamn reassurance t#at t#is actually was a big league c#oice of action]
UK: >([also no offense to rocks btw tell the lil man what it is from me]

PO: ~Okay???~
UK: >([a#a#a#e#tee#ee#ee#oo#oolmaololrofl]
UK: >([na# see you still aint gettin t#e grand scope of all t#e pictures im tossin your direction]
UK: >([s like im jus slammin pics and rubbin em all over an smearin my good name so u can get t#e picz but you is just standin t#ere all cold faced an big breasted]
UK: >([gotta let me WORK #ere bitc# carny]

PO: ~+he pic+ure +ha+ I'd like +o see is +he one +ha+ shows me wha+ +he ac+ual shi+ you're +alking abou+?~