Enter name.

Your name is SOVARA AMALIE, but you much prefer to be called SOVA. It is a moniker coined by your dear friends, after all! You cherish it deeply.

Unlike that of your dear friends', however, your time within the larger social sphere of Repiton has been relatively short-lived. You attended SCHOOL and had your think pan duly filled with all of the standard knowledge through OSMOSIS like the rest of them, but due to a certain set of circumstances, you've spent the majority of your life CAGED in a manner you don't care to speak of.

Needless to say, you were left a little SOCIALLY HINDERED. But your loving MATESPRIT has dedicated quite a lot of time to teaching you the ropes, and you appreciate her so. You can't grasp a lot of the "lingo" your clique tosses around "on the reg" quite yet, but that doesn't stop you from trying! You'll be "in" with all the references one day.

A majority of your free time was spent READING, in an attempt to grasp what you could not experience for yourself. Your avid page turning has given you a profound knowledge of PLANETARY HISTORY, and these days you consider yourself a bit of a buff on the subject. You've also given POETRY a try, but it tends to wax a little too complex for your tastes. You were never really good at over-dressed figures of speech.

You also have a vested interest in MUSICAL THEATRE. It is an art form that seems to understand you, if that makes sense; a security blanket, warm and comforting. You've also dabbled in PLAYWRITING, and you like to write roles with specific people in mind: yourself and your friends. You doubt any of them would enjoy what you've made, though... Probably.

Besides, you're NOT READY TO SING AGAIN just yet. It shall simply have to wait.

Your trolltag is sanguineAllegory and you (tend to be a little too soft-spoken and meek in conversations).

What will you do?