PD: so i said that we needed to catch up right?? and with everything going on i thought to myself
PD: why not just take up the initiative that i left there on the ground huddle it close to my chest and then run it back home
PD: where i will nurture it as if it were my very own easy-baked osmosis-taught offspring
PD: made from the genetic tapestry of my desire to keep in contact with you!
SA: (that sounds like a complex series of events)
SA: (perhaps it would do us better to actually converse, instead of talk about the possibility of talking?)
PD: what are you?? some kind of story critic???
SA: (perhaps uvu)
PD: everything i just said has so much narrative value though!
PD: i am moving this proverbial plot forward full steam ahead!!!!
SA: (i've a lot to say on dialogue structure)
SA: (perhaps more than even the most pish posh of callous internet dwellers)
SA: (those who feed on harsh and mean-spirited "spicy memes" that are only "epic" in the context of our hostile virtual environment)
SA: (little do they know that there is nothing more "epic" than learning!)
PD: im sure youd make an exceptional teacher! if you never say anything like what you just said ever again (|>:P
SA: (rude! i'm trying my best ;v;)
PD: if youre so confident in your literary and writerly skills why dont you tell me how youre doing!! dont wait for my dumb ass to RSVP to the nights yulepassing dinner event!
SA: (i would love to)
SA: (but i'm not very good at leading conversations...)
PD: i could ask you some questions as a kickstarter?????
SA: (that would solve the problem, i think!)
SA: (thank you uvu)
PD: lets keep this fastball special moving at top speed then
PD: time for the big questions starting now!
PD: did you finally manage to snag.......... "the one"?
PD: or "the two"??
PD: maybe even "the three"???
SA: (goodness gracious)
SA: (if this means what i think it means, then that is about as big as you could have gone ;ovo)
PD: sooooo??? (|>:D
PD: don't try to change the subject!!!
SA: (ah, alright!)
SA: (just the one, yes)
SA: (it took me such a long time to say anything...)
SA: (well, i think she did most of the talking for me if i'm being honest)
SA: (not that i mind! it was sort of a relief, i was so nervous)
PD: look at you miss amalie!!!
PD: please tell me i know her
PD: i must consult my trusty crystal ball so i can tell how worthy fate deems this gal to be for my dear precious friend
SA: (i will give you a hint)
SA: (she makes me "see stars" o//v//o)
PD: i knew it i knew it i KNEW IT!!!!!!
PD: you two have been like peas in a pod ever since we took you in
PD: i knew the waiting game would end at some point!!!!!
SA: (it's all still pretty new, though)
SA: (we've decided to take things slowly. it's almost textbook, in some ways)
SA: (and before you ask the second big question that i know is on your mind, no, we have not fully committed to our quadrant as of yet)
SA: (i doubt we will anytime soon)
SA: (but it still is very nice as it is)
SA: (i'm so happy ;v;)
PD: ill bet!! sometimes conventional is better dude
PD: pretty much everyone should avoid being like me (|:P
SA: (she has been pretty busy tonight, though)
SA: (for... reasons that are obvious)
SA: (i suppose i am also busy at the moment)
SA: (i'm searching through my scrolls to try to find those codes ELLSEE mentioned in her memo o^o)
SA: (ALBION has been translating them for me every so often, but i am pretty sure i would have remembered stumbling into something like this)
PD: hmmmm
PD: it sure sounds like she needs to take a couple pages out of your finely tuned playbook
SA: (in what regard?)
PD: the regard of you being a total angel!!!