SA: (a... what?)
PD: an angel!!
PD: an absolute sweetie whose soul decided to linger in our crusty old planet so it could help out those who need it! just like in all the old stories!!!
PD: im sure you know the ones
PD: seriously i dont know what albion would do without you at this point
PD: or little old me for that matter (|:P
SA: (yes, that is great)
SA: (and i loved our catch up time together)
SA: (but i actually think i need to go now...)
PD: awwwww do you have to?
PD: everythings fine you know???
PD: those dirty dots mean youre ruminating on the unnecessary downers i just know it
PD: i didnt think youd still do that this often!! even after you managed to get away and live the life you wanted
PD: youre okay arent you????
SA: (i am just fine)
SA: (we can talk more later, i promise)
SA: (but i... really have to go)
PD: i dont think you do?? (|:C
PD: sova???
PD: mmmmmm