DQ: *hey*im*back*
DQ: *sorry*about*that*
DQ: *i*had*to*go*solve*some*problems*
DQ: *as*im*known*to*do*sometimes*
DQ: *its*kind*of*my*thing*
GD: You know, I don't think you're \/ery good /\t th/\t///
DQ: *you*dont*?
GD: I used to think you were///
GD: But most of the problems we h/\\/e c/\n't be sol\/ed with s/\ge /\d\/ice /\nd lil/\c-scented /\rom/\ther/\py///
DQ: *you*sent*FF*to*me*for*help*that*one*time*though*
GD: I sent her to you bec/\use I trust you///
GD: /\nd bec/\use I knew you'd c/\lm her down///
GD: But /\s much /\s I try to help her through her problems, she's still /\n /\nxious wreck like no other troll I'\/e e\/er met///
GD: It's... kind of like these sc/\rs I h/\\/e///
GD: Sure, they don't hurt p/\st /\ cert/\in point///
GD: But they're /\lw/\ys there///
GD: /\nd I still h/\te h/\\/ing to look /\t them /\nd remember where they c/\me from///
GD: You don't sol\/e /\nyone's problems. You m/\ke people feel better///
GD: /\nd th/\t isn't /\ b/\d thing///
GD: I know it's helped me out /\ lot///
GD: So, I'd re/\lly like to be /\ble to return the f/\\/or///
GD: Otherwise how une\/en we /\re in the mor/\l support dep/\rtment is going to e/\t /\t me fore\/er///
GD: Do you w/\nt me to suffer, /\lbion?///
DQ: *i*will*try*my*best*to*think*about*it*
DQ: *but*we*cant*do*that*now*regardless*
DQ: *we*need*to*get*started*
GD: You're just trying to di\/ert me from my mor/\ls///
GD: The f/\ct th/\t I c/\n /\ctu/\lly rel/\x /\round you doesn't gi\/e you /\ free p/\ss to re/\ch behind my b/\ck /\nd sn/\g my determin/\tion /\w/\y///
DQ: *if*i*promise*to*tell*you*later*
DQ: *will*you*let*me*call*you*cowboy*again*
GD: ...///
DQ: *well*?
GD: Fine///
DQ: *i*knew*you*would*see*it*my*way*
DQ: *are*you*ready*dismas*
GD: No, but let's pretend I /\m///
GD: C/\n you do me one more f/\\/or, though?///
DQ: *hm*?
GD: Find /\nother b/\nd/\n/\ for me///
GD: My /\rm is broken///