OCCEUS: Y.o.u can take pictures if y.o.u must
OCCEUS: Eye just need t.o. make sure my reference c.o.mpendium is c.o.mplete bef.o.re eye leave
ALBION: *what*are*you*planning*to*do*here*
ALBION: *this*isnt*a*class*trip*to*the*white*moon*
ALBION: *you*dont*expect*to*keep*all*of*these*papers*do*you*?
OCCEUS: Eye have t.o. try
OCCEUS: S.o. much time and eff.o.rt spent .o.n my research
OCCEUS: It's simply n.o.t reas.o.nable t.o. leave it all behind
OCCEUS: This is all eye have keeping me al.o.ft as the sm.o.ggy winds .o.f change swirl ar.o.und us
OCCEUS: Besides, what if it d.o.esn't g.o. t.o. plan?
OCCEUS: What if the planet still needs it?
OCCEUS: There is abs.o.lutely n.o. pr.oo.f that this is really the end
OCCEUS: We have at least a few decagrades left until we cr.o.ss that event h.o.riz.o.n
OCCEUS: Perhaps even l.o.nger if eye can—
ALBION: *as*much*as*i*have*to*say*about*this*line*of*thinking*
ALBION: *ill*just*ask*you*a*far*more*important*question*
ALBION: *does*ellsee*know*how*you*feel*?
ALBION: *the*person*you*should*talk*to*is*her*
ALBION: *first*because*she*is*your*matesprit*
ALBION: *second*because*i*dont*know*where*those*texts*are*
OCCEUS: Eye d.o.n't want t.o. b.o.ther her with my trifles
OCCEUS: She has s.o. many pr.o.blems .o.f her .o.wn that it w.o.uld be plain exhausting t.o. g.o. fr.o.m anguish t.o. anguish like that
OCCEUS: As cl.o.se as .o.ur b.o.nd is, there is s.o.mething t.o. be said ab.o.ut a measure .o.f pers.o.nal space
ALBION: *there*is*something*to*be*said*about*too*much*of*it*
ALBION: *which*you*are*known*to*give*
ALBION: *you*dont*even*come*to*me*unless*you*need*something*
ALBION: *or*want*me*to*pass*along*a*message*
OCCEUS: Albi.o.n, eye have n.o.t felt a single pang .o.f pain
OCCEUS: N.o. lack .o.f will .o.r energy
OCCEUS: Eye'm experiencing n.o. withdrawal .o.ther than the .o.ne fr.o.m my life's w.o.rk
OCCEUS: And if my l.o.ve had any grievances, eye am m.o.re than certain that she w.o.uld tell me s.o.
OCCEUS: Eye als.o. d.o. n.o.t appreciate the insinuati.o.n that eye d.o. n.o.t care ab.o.ut th.o.se eye h.o.ld dear t.o. me, including y.o.urself
OCCEUS: This is simply my j.o.b
OCCEUS: It's h.o.w eye earn my living
OCCEUS: N.o. research pr.o.gress means n.o. grants fr.o.m c.o.rp.o.rate
OCCEUS: Which leaves me destitute, with n.o. purp.o.se and n.o. chance t.o. make this a reality
OCCEUS: This is all eye have
ALBION: *if*that*is*the*case*
ALBION: *maybe*you*should*reconsider*your*priorities*
OCCEUS: Excuse me?
ALBION: *im*saying*that*youre*more*than*your*work*
ALBION: *and*you*should*realize*that*
ALBION: *i*must*also*stress*
ALBION: *for*what*feels*like*the*millionth*time*
ALBION: *this*supplying*of*aid*is*not*part*of*our*arrangement*
ALBION: *but*i*need*to*go*
ALBION: *maybe*talk*to*sova*if*you*need*a*friend*?
ALBION: *she*will*probably*handle*this*topic*better*
ALBION: *much*more*so*than*me*
OCCEUS: Fine, eye will c.o.ncede that much
OCCEUS: But eye w.o.uld like t.o. c.o.ntinue this c.o.nversati.o.n later, time willing
OCCEUS: It might d.o. me s.o.me g.oo.d
OCCEUS: And als.o., if y.o.u get a sec.o.nd—
ALBION: *yes*yes*the*texts*ive*got*it*
OCCEUS: Thank y.o.u f.o.r talking t.o. me
OCCEUS: R.o.gi, end c.o.mmunicati.o.ns

-- macabreExude [ME] ended call with demiurgeQuantified [DQ] --