-- macabreExude [ME] began trolling demiurgeQuantified [DQ] --

ME: rrrrrrr
DQ: *um*
DQ: *yes*
DQ: *what*
ME: h.
DQ: *okay*
ME: bbbb

-- macabreExude [ME] began a call with demiurgeQuantified [DQ] --

ALBION: *hello*?
OCCEUS: Hell.o. albi.o.n
OCCEUS: D.o. me the fav.o.r .o.f excusing whatever gibberish my assistant may have typed
OCCEUS: He is still learning
OCCEUS: In fact c.o.uld y.o.u tell him thank y.o.u f.o.r me please
OCCEUS: My hands are full and he learns best thr.o.ugh p.o.sitive reinf.o.rcement
ALBION: *thank*you*rogi*
ALBION: *im*on*a*bit*of*a*tight*schedule*
ALBION: *what*do*you*need*me*for*
OCCEUS: Simply w.o.ndering if y.o.u have th.o.se texts .o.n the increasing rate .o.f entr.o.py that eye lent y.o.u
ALBION: *occeus*
ALBION: *the*schedule*
ALBION: *it*remains*tight*