DQ: *you*dont*have*to*worry*about*that*
DQ: *because*we*are*now*officially*linked*
DQ: *oh*ive*never*seen*you*without*the*face*napkin*before*
DQ: *im*sorry*if*you*are*not*a*fan*of*the*invasion*of*privacy*
GD: Eh. Too be/\t up to feel self-conscious /\bout it///
DQ: *actually*
DQ: *hang*on*
GD: Hey, wh/\t p/\rt of "you're not getting out of this" did you not compute?? Get the lush out of your re\/erb ch/\sms!///
DQ: *no*i*mean*im*getting*some*messages*
GD: Well, I'm in critic/\l condition /\nd you don't he/\r me compl/\ining /\bout it///
DQ: *are*you*?
DQ: *why?*what*happened*?
GD: I'll gi\/e you ex/\ctly three guesses. The first clue is "byz/\ntine motherfucker"///
DQ: *i*should*have*guessed*it*
DQ: *seriously*though*hold*on*
GD: Fine, but m/\ke it quick///