EDOLON: not to say that there were no historical precedents for the opening of such a rift.
EDOLON: did you know they've been tampered with in the past? during the renaissance, i believe. some rather unsavory critters that roam our world were originally let loose back then.
EDOLON: the parasites from the wastes are one such creature, but they're not why i'm here. that would be setting the bar pretty low.
EDOLON: no, i'm looking to grab something much bigger.
EDOLON: something that has fully integrated itself into our culture. something that is familiar to you, yet unknown.
EDOLON: something that we left behind. :)
SERPAZ: NO!!!!!!
SERPAZ: you are NOT allowed to use that pun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EDOLON: too late, i'm afraid.