Dismas: Panic for like the fifth time tonight.

DISMAS: Gre/\t. Cool. Nice!///
DISMAS: Th/\nks for bumping into my /\rm with the gi/\nt pointer /\g/\in! Tot/\lly not p/\inful /\t /\ll!///
DISMAS: It should be broken into /\t le/\st nine different pl/\ces, by my count! I'm GRE/\T /\t m/\th, did you know?///
DISMAS: /\lso it's feeling delightfully gr/\\/el-like, which is /\ HE/\LTHY consistency for /\n /\rm to h/\\/e!///
DISMAS: W/\nt to b/\ng it up /\ third time, just to m/\ke it perfect? I he/\r it's good luck!///
DQ: *you*need*to*relax*
DQ: *i*got*everything*wrapped*up*
DISMAS: Bet you're telling me to rel/\x///
DISMAS: I c/\n't re/\d your mess/\ges but I just KNOW you're trying to slide me down your spiritu/\lly enlightened ri\/er///
DISMAS: Newsfl/\sh, I'\/e /\lre/\dy been down one tonight!///
DISMAS: Just in c/\se you forgot /\bout th/\t!///
DQ: *yes*i*am*telling*you*to*relax*
DQ: *because*you*very*much*need*to*relax*
DQ: *you*are*rambling*right*now*
DISMAS: Fuck, I'm r/\mbling right now///
DQ: *are*you*sure*you*cant*read*these*
DISMAS: Think I c/\ught the dumb/\ss dise/\se th/\t's been m/\king the rounds tod/\y///
DISMAS: I should h/\\/e /\ better grip on wh/\t the fresh fuck I'm doing///
DISMAS: /\nd yet! I sure don't!///
DQ: *okay*you*cant*thats*good*
DQ: *but*how*about*that*chill*pill*though*
DISMAS: Couldn't R/\ines' h/\ndy-d/\ndy m/\gic guidebook h/\\/e been written in pl/\in text inste/\d of wise /\ss /\ll-knowing riddles??///
DISMAS: "Where the b/\rren meets the bloom"? More like where the hell meets the does th/\t me/\n!///
DISMAS: Only thing th/\t blooms /\round here is the butcher link sprouts, /\nd they're not e\/en in se/\son///
DISMAS: We turned this whole pl/\ce upside down, /\nd I'm not /\bout to st/\rt te/\ring my floorbo/\rds off///
DISMAS: There's nothing outside, /\nd I h/\\/e no ide/\ wh/\t to do///
DISMAS: G/\me fucking o\/er, I guess!///
DQ: *is*that*it*then*
DQ: *you*get*roughed*up*
DQ: *trudge*through*a*vicious*uphill*battle*
DQ: *only*to*quit*at*the*top*?
DQ: *doesnt*sound*like*the*troll*i*once*met*
DQ: *then*again*im*sure*i*dont*sound*the*same*either*
DQ: *maybe*we*have*all*changed*today*
DISMAS: So now we sit here /\nd w/\it for the end of the world///
DISMAS: Didn't think it'd pl/\y out like this, but oh well!///
DISMAS: Just working with my godd/\mn phone took up more time th/\n it w/\s worth, on top of h/\\/ing to de/\l with my /\ching, p/\thetic r/\whide husk of /\ body///
DISMAS: I knew something would bite me in the /\ss e\/entu/\lly///
DISMAS: There's ne\/er /\ny w/\y /\round th/\t///
DQ: *i*believe*there*is*
DQ: *youve*just*not*thought*of*it*yet*
DISMAS: M/\ybe the mutil/\tion f/\iry will gr/\nt me /\ single wish if I think h/\rd enough /\bout not w/\nting to die. Wouldn't th/\t be nice?///
DISMAS: M/\ybe /\ll the be/\tings I'\/e endured will score me this one f/\\/or///
DISMAS: I ne\/er get /\ny of those///
DQ: *well*
DQ: *i*just*did*you*one*a*little*bit*ago*