DREAM!LAIVAN: Don't mind the acidic attitude, it's just a him thing
DREAM!LAIVAN: Let it pass through you
DREAM!LAIVAN: Anyway, we can save the greetings for later
DREAM!LAIVAN: You two need to be caught up to speed on what's happening here
DREAM!ARCJEC: (Oh, god. My fucking head hurts just thinking about this nonsense.)
DREAM!ALBION: may i get a recap on what youve gone over thus far?
DREAM!LAIVAN: Yeah, of course
DREAM!LAIVAN: First things first: you are on a moon called Prospit
DREAM!LAIVAN: It's a pretty nice place! Has a bunch of stark white and stark black chitinous characters that meander around and basically do their own thing
DREAM!LAIVAN: Most of them will stare at you a whole bunch
DREAM!ARCJEC: (Unrelentingly so.)
DREAM!LAIVAN: But that means they like you, so don't worry
DREAM!ALBION: will this lead into you telling me about the window thing?
DREAM!ALBION: i am pretty eager to hear all about that
DREAM!LAIVAN: Like I said, that wasn't me exactly
DREAM!LAIVAN: It was more like the other me
DREAM!ALBION: sorry to interrupt again i promise i am listening
DREAM!ALBION: but is he supposed to keep doing that?
DREAM!ALBION: or is that also a "him thing"?
DREAM!LAIVAN: I honestly don't know
DREAM!LAIVAN: He won't tell me why it's happening
DREAM!LAIVAN: Only that it makes his head hurt
DREAM!ARCJEC: (Don't respond. Just keep looking forward and they will stop talking to you.)
DREAM!LAIVAN: This does tie us back around to the major crux of this conversation, though
DREAM!LAIVAN: It might come as a bit of a shock to you, so like
DREAM!LAIVAN: If you don't want me to completely rock your world, just say the word
DREAM!ALBION: if i am to get the most out of my stay here
DREAM!ALBION: i think knowing about its parameters would be beneficial
DREAM!LAIVAN: To an extent, we don't really have any
DREAM!ALBION: why not?
DREAM!LAIVAN: Because we're not real