DREAM!ALBION: this opens up a lot of hypothetical doors within hypothetical mirrors
DREAM!ALBION: do you think my true self is nice? or cool? maybe even popular?
DREAM!ALBION: and if i am her ideal self what does that say about me?
DREAM!ALBION: oh god i hope im not smelly garbage compared to her
DREAM!ALBION: what if i cant measure up
DREAM!ALBION: i bet that shes perfect!
DREAM!ARCJEC: If it makes you feel better, I'm sure she's not.
DREAM!ALBION: that does make me feel a bit better actually thank you
DREAM!ARCJEC: Just following through.
DREAM!LAIVAN: You're thinking way too hard about this
DREAM!LAIVAN: The point is: we're here now!
DREAM!LAIVAN: Worry about the real you whenever she comes around