EO: Do you¿¿
EO: Do you undΣrstand what it's likΣ to bΣ mΣ¿¿
EO: Do you know what it's likΣ to bΣ huntΣd bΣcausΣ of your blood¿¿¿¿ BΣcausΣ of somΣthing complΣtΣly outsidΣ of your control¿¿¿¿
EO: IsolatΣd from thosΣ you carΣ about¿¿¿¿¿¿
EO: UsΣd¿¿¿¿¿¿
GS: I was despised the moment they decided to make me.
GS: The shade of the Kerian bloodline is symbolic of war. Of genocide and scandal.
GS: My very existence is controversy.
EO: Must bΣ rΣally nicΣ to fΣΣl sorry for yoursΣlf in your fancy undΣrwatΣr mansion.
GS: I don't mean to imply my heritage didn't come with certain... benefits, I suppose you could say.
GS: There was even a time when its bloody history didn't affect me at all.
GS: I had a man that I looked up to.
GS: A friend who tried to show me reasons to continue moving forward, and a moirail who cherished me despite my past.
GS: But then I discovered that the man who I looked up to never cared for me in the first place.
GS: The friend secludes himself inside his own home, cutting off all contact without warning and abandoning me, no explanations given.
GS: And the moirail...
GS: He finds you.
GS: And decides that he needs you more than he ever needed me.
GS: You know these people just as well.
EO: All I know is that you likΣ to rag on girls for no rΣason and try to convincΣ othΣrs to do thΣ samΣ, just bΣcausΣ you think you wΣrΣ wrongΣd swΣΣps ago.
GS: Wasn't I?
GS: Is it not wrong for one of the few people I cared about to leave me, because he found someone else?
GS: I don't blame you for his own choices, of course, and I don't blame you for not being inclined to see my side of the story.
GS: My distaste for your identity group is not due to a misguided sense of superiority, like the mudslingers would have you believe.
GS: You are only a part of it by happenstance.
EO: Man, you'rΣ RΣALLY sΣlling your point hΣrΣ.
GS: Let's go back to the personal, then.
GS: What will you do when you are seen as the problem? When you are deemed too demanding, not enough, a burden?
GS: Coliad always spoke highly of you, despite all the rumors, but what will happen once he gets what he wants?
GS: What will you do when Voorat retreats back into the comfort of his own shadow, casting you aside?
GS: What will you do when Turkin finally decides to pull the trigger and there's no one there to watch?
EO: OccΣus and ArcjΣc would nΣvΣr do that.
GS: They had no problem doing it to me.