LAIVAN: Oh- yeah-
LAIVAN: The only thing I still don't get is this-
HANIEL: His entrusting you with the Green Sun?
HANIEL: If he has explained his reasoning to you, what is there to be uncertain of?
LAIVAN: I just want to know why-
HANIEL: You are the Hero of Space
HANIEL: Along with the Hero of Time, it is your job to ensure the start and the end of any given session
HANIEL: I have said so just now, and you knew it already
HANIEL: Is it not boring to hear me repeat myself?
LAIVAN: I never got an answer on why it has to be me though-
LAIVAN: Not from you-
LAIVAN: Not from him-
LAIVAN: Not from these eyeball creatures-
LAIVAN: And definitely not from Mutt-
LAIVAN: This aspect stuff doesn't really mean anything-
LAIVAN: Sounds like vague nonsense most of the time-
LAIVAN: If I'm really some kind of embodiment of Space or whatever- what does that have to do with anything-
LAIVAN: Why me- specifically-
HANIEL: As one of Space, I often feel as if I am a being of circumstance
HANIEL: I do not enjoy to wax existential, as others of my brood are prone to
HANIEL: I am patient and not fond of surprises
HANIEL: I know what I am, and I feel content in that knowledge
HANIEL: But you seem to want more than what lies within those simple parameters
HANIEL: I believe our second eldest would enjoy your manner of thinking
LAIVAN: Who's the second oldest person-