HANIEL: Her name is Lilith
HANIEL: In strictly technical terms, none of us were ever born at all
HANIEL: We have existed long before we took on these forms, and will continue to exist past our need of them
HANIEL: She is a special case among us, however
HANIEL: Without her essence, the light around your neck would be long expired
HANIEL: And she had a non-negligible part in the crafting of our current incarnations
HANIEL: I cannot say I am her biggest fan, although I respect her work
HANIEL: Her methods are unorthodox but effective, so I've no reason to complain
LAIVAN: How does she know White Noise-
HANIEL: I have never known a White Noise
HANIEL: I do not think she has, either
LAIVAN: That doesn't sound right-
LAIVAN: I mean- He created this whole thing- didn't he-
LAIVAN: I thought that was pretty clear-
LAIVAN: Plus- You talked about him like you knew him- Whenever I mentioned the guy-
LAIVAN: So if you're trying to be cagey- I think you're doing a pretty poor job at it-
LAIVAN: Are you trying to be cagey-
HANIEL: I am not
HANIEL: Let me offer you some wisdom, Knight
HANIEL: There is an endless amount of knowledge in this universe that even I do not possess
HANIEL: When we are faced with the unknown, sometimes our only choices are to either rely on instinct
HANIEL: Or complacently accept whatever comes our way
HANIEL: My instinct tells me this:
HANIEL: You, most of all, should know better than to take people and their claims at face value