LAIVAN: Goes down pretty deep-
HANIEL: It is very deep
HANIEL: The three of you will be tasked with overseeing its initial needs
HANIEL: However, all twelve of you must be involved for the process to come to fruition
HANIEL: This is a common goal you must serve
HANIEL: It will involve the gathering of many key items, to be molded and distilled
HANIEL: This land itself is crucial, so I would suggest going for that contentious sporting huddle you mentioned earlier
LAIVAN: Okay- but just to make sure-
LAIVAN: These duties do include your friends too- right-
HANIEL: Yes, it does include them
LAIVAN: Fucking sweet-
HANIEL: As you have your obligations, so do them
HANIEL: Above all else, they are the protectors of this keep and watchful eyes of your progress
HANIEL: In the end, it will be a spectacle of grand design
HANIEL: The last crescendo of our symphony
HANIEL: The final piece that will lead into the climax of this endless dispute