???: consider yourself ill prepared for what could be the final passage in a long line of stories too dense to parse and too sad to watch.
???: you come before a commander of denizens. a facilitator of worlds, an eye for detail...
???: and also an aid to you.
METATRON: i am metatron.

METATRON: what do you think of my game thus far, arcjec?
METATRON: actually! no, don't answer that yet.
METATRON: tell me what you thought of my introduction first.
METATRON: i tried to keep it brief because we have a lot to go over, but i still wanted to add some flair to the method. some panache, if you will.
ARCJEC: XDXD I think the confetti was a little much. XDXD
METATRON: ah. in hindsight, i agree.
METATRON: however, it works well enough to celebrate a long awaited meeting!