METATRON: alright, NOW you can tell me what you think of my game.
ARCJEC: XDXD Were you the one who dragged me from the puddle of mud back to my room? XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD Because if you're really the big game master in the sky, then you owe me an explanation on why I was cleaned without my consent. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD And also financial compensation for used papers and pencils. XDXD
METATRON: that... hardly seems relevant anymore?
ARCJEC: XDXD It is absolutely relevant and I'm not dropping it. XDXD
METATRON: i'm afraid i have no answers for you.
METATRON: or monetary appeasements, for that matter.
ARCJEC: XDXD Yeah, right. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD When someone claims they don't have shit to say, they always have some secret load of pertinent knowledge chomping their bit. XDXD
METATRON: do you speak from experience?
ARCJEC: XDXD I speak from supposedly that's the entire foundation of your damn game and I'm not about to dizzy myself going on another pointless verbal roundabout. XDXD
METATRON: i suppose it's a good thing i prefer the straight to the point approach, then!
METATRON: crypticism isn't something i take any pride in.
METATRON: expositing, on the other hand... that's much more my speed.
ARCJEC: XDXD You mind expositing away some of the major discrepancies you've sprinkled around, then? XDXD
METATRON: certainly.