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Your name is ALBION SHUKRA.

You are the CHOSEN INHERITOR of the COSMIC LEGACY passed down to you by a long line of SPIRITUAL PROPHETS — extra-universal entities only given the vague name of STAR CHILDREN — with your own self being the TWELFTH and FINAL link in this chain.  

You believe it is of the utmost importance to cultivate thoughts of OPTIMISM AND EXUBERANCE, rather than the constant deluge of fear and self-doubt that seems to permeate your planet and its inhabitants. Therefore, your purpose in life is to teach others about the art of LIVING TOGETHER IN HARMONY, doing your best to encourage a state of inner peace in every individual you encounter.

And luckily for all, your best happens to be quite exceptional!

Each STAR CHILD has a specific gift relating to the truth of their world. As the final one in the line, however, you possess NONE. Instead, it is your destiny to BEAR ALL PREVIOUS GIFTS in order to become a being of COMPLETE CONCILIATION, THE PURE ONESELF.

You communicate with your GUARDIAN, a COLLECTIVE MADE UP OF THE SOULS OF THE STAR CHILDREN WHO CAME BEFORE YOU, through PROJECTIVE MEDITATION. They have helped you prepare for the moment when the two of you are to MERGE into a SINGULAR BEING, an event meant to take place after your planet is BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR.

An event which will come to pass this very night.

Aside from your obligations, you have a VARIETY OF MORE CASUAL INTERESTS.

You enjoy finding CONSTELLATIONS and FORMING PICTURES WITH THEM, the night sky your mental canvas — each and every sectioned menagerie of bright gas and light in the firmament positioned to tell you a story. You then take the time to pen these tales in ANCIENT PRETEXT as a record for the future, in an attempt to revive the lost tradition of PLANETARY FOLKLORE.

You have a vested interest in collecting colorful and fragrant incenses, which emit CALMING AROMAS that help you keep your BODY CHEMISTRY in balance. This helps you stay in total control of your SPIRIT POWER, a PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF EMOTION-BASED ENERGY that you monitor and utilize through your MOOD RING. The need to actively keep yourself in check rarely presents itself, though, as you are an EXTREME PACIFIST with absolutely no tolerance for unneeded confrontations and aggression.

The rest of your free time is spent solving interpersonal problems and being the resident shoulder to cry on among your friends, though most of those activities are devoted to your DEAR MOIRAIL and PART-TIME AUSPISTICE: TAZ.

Your trolltag is demiurgeQuantified and *you*speak*in*a*manner*that*really*shines*.

What will you do?