Albion: Check Mood Ring.

You are completely green and stable! Hooray!

You already knew this, of course. Your ring is always green and stable, as that is your WILL, but you like to treat each time you decide to check it as a small personal achievement regardless. It does wonders to make the predictable consistency feel like a victory, rather than a nightly chore of mental upkeep.

As a result of your disposition's uniform nature, you never catch more than a glimpse of the other colors that signify different moods, with a few exceptions:

HOPE (Blue), COMPASSION (Purple), and LOVE (Pink) are the ones you allow for prolonged periods of time. FEAR (Yellow), GREED (Orange) and RAGE (Red) in particular are expressly forbidden — not by Star Children, but more by your own standards.

It is said that when you merge with your guardian, your mood ring will turn into a ghostly WHITE, representing the LIFE you are meant to lead.

If your ring were to turn BLACK, though, it would mean that you've lost any power you once had. You would feel BLANK.

You will never let that happen.