Albion: Read table scroll.

You're taking the time to properly translate it to CURRENT TEXT first, which has been taking longer than you expected. Your language is structured very differently now, compared to what it was before THE RENAISSANCE — both in grammar and alphabet. It is quite the effort.

You've refrained from digging too deep into the meaning behind this scroll until you have that part done, as you enjoy being surprised when you read tales of the past. Though from what you've gathered at a glance, it seems to be talking about some sort of CURSE THROUGH BLOOD.

This specific task was undertaken not out of personal enjoyment, however, but at the request of your MATESPRIT. You have been slowly teaching her ASSORTED PLANETARY CUSTOMS, as she is rather BEHIND on those due to her sheltered upbringing.

Your ring flickers PINK.

You slap it.

It goes back to green.