METATRON: i'm a consistent figure within the medium. when players make it through their first checkpoint, they meet me.
METATRON: i mark the safe zones, which you are currently in.
METATRON: you could say i'm duplicated across the entire session, but it's more that there's separate pieces of myself obtaining different information.
METATRON: it pools into the same place, so you can all benefit from my services simultaneously.
METATRON: my assistance goes beyond mere information giving, though. i'm also the sole provider of many of the systems in place.
METATRON: now that you have unlocked these services, some of the functions in your UI will be relegated to me.
METATRON: more specifically: time and resource management, collection and crafting.
METATRON: there are many spots like this one scattered across your land — other safe zones — where you'll be able to connect to me.
METATRON: i can help you spend your resources however you see fit; the aforementioned crafting of more complex structures, selling what you no longer need, acquiring flexible recipes that will let you create any combination of objects you wish...
METATRON: oh, speaking of! here is your second checkpoint gift.